Dart Joins as 25th Member of The Recycling Partnership

FALLS CHURCH, VA November 1, 2016 – Marking a major milestone, The Recycling Partnership proudly welcomes its 25th funder partner, Dart Container Corporation. Dart’s long-standing commitment to recycling pairs well with The Recycling Partnership’s real world, systems-based approach, making yet another smart partnership for both organizations.

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City of Saint Paul Rolls Out Carts with The Recycling Partnership

FALLS CHURCH, VA October 6, 2016 – The City of Saint Paul, Minnesota, is known as “the most livable city in America.” By early January its recycling program will match that claim, delivering the convenience and ease of recycling roll carts to 78,087 households. The Recycling Partnership will support the roll-out with grant dollars, technical assistance, and educational resources.

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Target Joins The Recycling Partnership as Its First Retail Partner

FALLS CHURCH, VA, September 26, 2016 – The Recycling Partnership, a national nonprofit committed to improving curbside residential recycling, today welcomes Target Corporation, its first retail company member. With the addition of Target, members of The Recycling Partnership now represent the entire recycling system for consumer packaging, including manufacturers, brands, retailers, and the recycling industry. This means that members of every sector have committed to working together to make recycling stronger and recover more materials for manufacturing.

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ASTRX Will Shape the Future of the U.S. Recycling System

Portland, Oregon, September 21, 2016 – National sustainability and recycling nonprofits The Sustainable Packaging Coalition and The Recycling Partnership are teaming up to build a roadmap for a stronger American recycling industry.

The combined expertise of the two organizations, spanning from packaging design through material recovery, will be applied to comprehensively mapping barriers and opportunities within the recycling landscape, then identifying tactics to advance the industry and deliver more high-quality recyclables to the supply chain. They’ve dubbed this initiative ASTRX – Applying Systems Thinking to Recycling.

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The Recycling Partnership Announces Latest Community Partner

The rural communities that make up Outagamie County, Wisconsin, are now amongst the latest to advance to single stream curbside recycling carts. Through a grant with national nonprofit The Recycling Partnership, this forward-thinking county is already in the process of helping their communities to procure over 6,900 carts, which will be distributed to households across 13 local communities.

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How Cities Can Become Hubs for a Circular Economy

How many packages have you relied on today? Responsible and innovative packaging is critical to delivering shippable, shelve-able, sellable, product value. Consumers, retailers, and brands count on packaging. And then what?

The best way to retain investment value and mitigate risks is to recycle these materials.

“Municipal recycling programs are the hubs of the reverse logistics needed to return valuable packaging to the supply chain,” says Jeff Meyers, The Recycling Partnership’s Director of Corporate Partnerships.

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HEINEKEN USA and The Recycling Partnership Challenge Fans to up their recycling game at The International Champions Cup 

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y, July 25, 2016 – HEINEKEN USA announced today that it will team up with The Recycling Partnership to challenge consumers 21+ to prove they are the greenest soccer fans at this summer’s International Champions Cup. They will provide an engaging way to educate consumers about the importance of recycling by pitting supporters of Europe’s top clubs against one another in a friendly competition to determine which fan base recycles the most.

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Findings Released from SPC Centralized Study on Availability of Recycling  

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FROM SPC – The Recycling Partnership quoted below.

Groundbreaking study sheds light on the availability of recycling programs in the US and the acceptance of 49 types of packaging.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, July 26, 2016 – Results from a study of the national availability of recycling programs have been released today, an industry collaborative announced. The study examined the prevalence of consumer recycling programs across the United States and the acceptance of 49 types of packaging in those programs, which provides substantiation data for packaging recyclability claims and paints a national portrait of the characteristics of recycling programs offered to consumers.

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Athens, Ohio Newest Recycling Partnership Grantee to Bring Recycling Carts to Residents

FALLS CHURCH, VA July 13, 2016 – The Recycling Partnership is pleased to announce that it has awarded a grant for residential recycling carts to the City of Athens, Ohio.

Athens joins a distinguished list of grant recipients, including the most recent to deliver carts, Emmet County, Michigan and Greenville, South Carolina. Athens, a college town with a longstanding history of recycling, will use The Recycling Partnership’s grant funds and technical assistance to purchase 5,000 new recycling carts and deliver a high-quality education campaign. Local nonprofit Rural Action is also providing staff support to move the project forward.

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