The Technical Council, given their technical expertise and perspectives on issues pertaining to the national advancement of municipal curbside, will counsel The Recycling Partnership in the development of strong data from the curbside recycling perspective, assess increased material opportunities and resulting impacts, provide data and data analysis, consider collection and operations best management practices, and provide guidance on other relevant recycling technical concerns. We are grateful for their time and participation. They each demonstrate leadership and outstanding commitment to improve recycling.


Council Chair

  • Liz Bedard, Technical Council Coordinator,
    The Recycling Partnership

Federal Participants

  • Kent Foerster, US Environmental Protection Agency
    Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery
    Resource Conservation and Sustainability Division
    Materials Conservation and Recycling Branch

State Participants

  • Andrew Booker, Supervisor of Solid Waste Management Division,
    Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
  • Matt Flechter, Recycling & Composting Coordinator,
    Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
  • Peter Spendelow, Solid Waste Analyst,
    Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Municipal Participants

  • Bridget Anderson, Deputy Commissioner, Bureau of Recycling and Sustainability,
    New York City Department of Sanitation
  • Ken Prue, Recycling Program Manager,
    San Diego Environmental Services, San Diego, California
  • Robert Smouse, Assistant Director,
    Solid Waste Services, Fort Worth, Texas

MRF Participants

  • Mike Pope, Commercial Director,
    Sonoco Recycling, LLC
  • Susan Robinson, Director of Public Affairs,
    Waste Management Inc.

Other Seats

  • Sara Bixby, Deputy Executive Director,
    Solid Waste Association of North America
  • Chaz Miller, Director of Policy and Advocacy,
    National Waste & Recycling Association
  • Sandi Childs, Recycling Consultant
Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 at 1:37am
Join The Recycling Partnership in curbing contamination to support #recycling markets and help transform recycling for good. RECYPartnership photo
Saturday, May 19th, 2018 at 9:51pm
Every year, 105 million tons of recyclable packaging is produced in the U.S. Rob Taylor with The Recycling Partnership talks about how we can be the most effective in increasing our capture rates. #MSRecycles #RecyclingPartnership #MSSWR2018 RECYPartnership photo
Saturday, May 19th, 2018 at 9:50pm
We’re using International Recycling Day to brag about our awesome partner, @RECYPartnership. #TBT to this video they made celebrating #EarthDay for some recycling inspiration.
Thursday, May 10th, 2018 at 3:39am
Congratulations @AmChemistry, We're proud to continue to help you achieve your #plastics recycling and #sustainable management goals. @RECYPartnership and @AmChemistry. Together, transforming recycling for good.
RECYPartnership photo
Steve Russell @steverussell_
Excited to announce U.S. plastic resin producers have set new circular economy goals to recycle/recover 100% of plastic packaging by 2040. More:
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