Amazon, International Paper, and Starbucks Join The Recycling Partnership to Help Create a Sustainable Future

Leading Companies are Coming Together to Transform the Recycling Industry Across the Country

FALLS CHURCH, VA (March 28, 2018) – Amazon, International Paper, and Starbucks Coffee Company have joined on as new funding partners of The Recycling Partnership, a rapidly growing national nonprofit that leverages corporate investment to transform recycling for good in hundreds of communities across the country. By supporting The Recycling Partnership, these major brands along with 34 other companies including Coca-Cola, Target, Pepsi and P&G are helping create more circular economy jobs, more material recovery and stronger, more equitable communities.

“Amazon, International Paper, and Starbucks Coffee Company have stepped up to the plate by dedicating dollars to create healthier communities through recycling,” says Keefe Harrison, CEO of The Recycling Partnership. “We are empowered by the growing list of companies and communities that trust The Recycling Partnership to deliver swift, measurable change. They understand that collaboration is essential for building stronger solutions to environmental and community concerns, including recycling.”

In just four years, The Recycling Partnership has leveraged $29 million in infrastructure to support 640 communities and counting to improve access to recycling and increase quality of recyclables. The growing groundswell of support from partners like Amazon, International Paper, and Starbucks shows that leading companies, across and within industries, want to invest in recycling solutions that create positive environmental, economic, and social change.

“At Starbucks we understand the power of working together to achieve complex sustainability goals,” says Rebecca Zimmer, global director of environment at Starbucks. “We are proud to join The Recycling Partnership in order to leverage their capability of creating change at the community level in support of the development of a city by city infrastructure that will make recycling a reality, everywhere.”

The Recycling Partnership’s goal is to help every family in America recycle and recycle well, so that the country can double its current recycling rate and capture 22 million more tons of recyclables per year, avoid 50 million metric tons of greenhouse gas annually, and save $250 million in contamination costs every year.

“As one of the world’s leading producers of renewable, fiber-based packaging, pulp and paper, we are committed to strengthening our people and the communities where we live and work, using all resources responsibly and efficiently and ensuring our businesses are safe, successful, and sustainable for generations to come,” says Aimee Gregg, general manager recycling at International Paper. “Working with organizations like The Recycling Partnership, help us meet these commitments.”

Companies that are making sustainability part of their corporate goals are the future of American business, according to Harrison.

“We’ve spent over 10 years at Amazon on innovations like Frustration-Free Packaging that help us eliminate waste, ensure products arrive intact, are easy to open, and are 100% recyclable,” says Trent Huntington, sustainability manager at Amazon. “We’re excited to work with The Recycling Partnership to improve recycling efforts in communities across the nation – a step that is good for customers, good for business, and good for the environment.”

From Portland, Maine to Chicago, Illinois to Santa Fe, New Mexico, The Recycling Partnership has already impacted a quarter of the U.S. population through its recycling solutions.

“There is an equation for sustainable recycling success and the Partnership is making it happen,” says Harrison. “The more support we receive from leading companies and organizations, the more people we can impact. The more people we impact, the healthier our economy and planet will be in the future.”


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Join The Recycling Partnership in curbing contamination to support #recycling markets and help transform recycling for good. RECYPartnership photo
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Every year, 105 million tons of recyclable packaging is produced in the U.S. Rob Taylor with The Recycling Partnership talks about how we can be the most effective in increasing our capture rates. #MSRecycles #RecyclingPartnership #MSSWR2018 RECYPartnership photo
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We’re using International Recycling Day to brag about our awesome partner, @RECYPartnership. #TBT to this video they made celebrating #EarthDay for some recycling inspiration.
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Congratulations @AmChemistry, We're proud to continue to help you achieve your #plastics recycling and #sustainable management goals. @RECYPartnership and @AmChemistry. Together, transforming recycling for good.
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Steve Russell @steverussell_
Excited to announce U.S. plastic resin producers have set new circular economy goals to recycle/recover 100% of plastic packaging by 2040. More:
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