Scott DeFife

President of the Glass Packaging Institute

Returning member of the board as of May 2024, Scott is the President of the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) since 2019, representing the North American glass container manufacturing industry and its supply chain partners. With over 35 years of experience in public affairs, Scott has an extensive background in national and international trade associations, state government affairs, and the federal government, working at the highest levels of the US House of Representatives, focusing on energy, environment, economic, and financial policy.  

Scott graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with degrees in Communications and Public Affairs. He currently serves as the President of the Glass Recycling Foundation and as a leadership committee member of the Glass Recycling Coalition. Additionally, Scott serves on the Colorado State Packaging EPR advisory Board and was appointed to a similar role with the state of Maryland. Scott previously served on The Recycling Partnership’s Board of Directors for two years and chaired the Community Engagement Committee.  

Scott is a strong proponent of collaborative approaches to solving industry-wide challenges in recycling and sustainability. He recognizes the critical time for policy change and infrastructure investment, bringing valuable experience and insight to help improve the U.S. recycling system.