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Data Analyst (part-time)

Award-winning, culture-conscious, national non-profit looking for a Data Analyst.

The Location: No Preferred Location

Salary Range: $50 – $60/hr, 30+ hours per week, July – November (potential to become a permanent position)

Who we are as an organization:

The Recycling Partnership was created with a clear, bold vision: transform recycling across America by making it is as easy to recycle as it is to throw things away. Through leading partnerships, we create thriving community recycling systems. Since 2015 we have achieved year over year growth and are regarded as a leader within the recycling industry and the broader sustainability and circular economy networks.

Act with Intention and Integrity, Embrace Change and Drive Action, Play Well with Others and Have Fun are just a few of the core values we live by. We have a fast-paced culture of innovation, compassion, integrity and continual learning that doesn’t just exist, but is continuously cultivated so that we always remain employee-focused. Take a look at this short video about The Recycling Partnership team.

Your Team:

The Data Analyst is a member of The Recycling Partnership’s Data & Analytics team, which is responsible for developing and maintaining national datasets for recycling programs and infrastructure, developing our internal environmental impact dashboards and assisting other teams with analysis for their projects. We are currently developing a comprehensive national database of what is recyclable in every program in the country. We are partnering with the largest tech firms in the world to utilize this database to provide this information to consumers in ways that are both national and hyperlocal. We believe providing this information to consumers will reduce confusion and increase trust in recycling. Companies are also interested in ensuring their products are recyclable nationwide and invest in us to help ensure communities accept their products.

The Role:

The Data Analyst must have strong skills in cleansing and analyzing diverse datasets. We are in the process of gathering data from thousands of communities nationwide and need someone to ensure the data is of the highest quality. The Data Analyst will summarize the data gathered to look for anomalies and provide QA so that the data gatherers can further research communities. This may involve Python/Pandas analysis to find contradictory conditions, SQL queries or spatial analysis in ArcGIS to find local differences. As a mission drive organization, we are looking for an analyst with a passion for improving the environmental outlook for the planet.


We are currently developing an App that communities use to gather local data on recycling participation and contamination. The Data Analyst will assist in automating the analysis to create recycler profiles from the raw data collected in the App. We are also developing an internal metrics system so that all employees can understand the national, regional, and local environmental and community benefits of our work. The Data Analyst will work closely with our VP of Data and Analytics and members of our Community Engagement Team on local projects.


Key responsibilities for your role will include:  

30% NATIONAL DATABASE ANALYSIS: The Partnership has a specific grant to expand our national database to include acceptable materials in each community. In tandem with a manual data-gathering exercise, this project will test the viability of fully automating the processing of material guidelines into a standard list of acceptable materials. The data analyst will be summarizing and analyzing this data to ensure the data is correct, provide analysis for members of the Community Engagement Team and develop scripts for calculating national access for different materials and package types. This will be a combination of spatial and database analysis.

30% TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE WITH LOCAL COMMUNITY PROJECTS: The Partnership has many projects with local communities to better understand and improve recycling participation and reduce contamination with non-recyclable items.  This position will work them to analyze new datasets that we are gathering from our Feet on the Street initiatives where data is gathered via a new app that we give to communities to collect household-level data. The analysis can then be used for specific outreach to individual households to improve their recycling behavior.

30% UPDATE AND MAINTAIN INTERNAL APPS: The Partnership internal apps that we utilize to collect expanded datasets for larger communities and recycling facilities (MRFs) nationwide. The apps need to be updated and integrated with our new national database and with other internal tools used for project management.

10% MANAGE INTERNAL ENVIRONMENTAL METRICS: Work with our Community Engagement, Financial, Marketing, and other teams to manage and update our organizational environmental and performance metrics including tons diverted, carts placed, households reached, and greenhouse gas emissions avoided.

Required Skills:

  • 4-year degree in an analytical field such as Engineering, Economics, Computer Science, Complex Systems, Data Science, Environmental Studies, and many others
  • Minimum of 2+ years of experience in data analysis and data cleansing
  • Minimum of 2+ years of data visualization experience
  • Experience with SQL databases
  • Strong data quality management skills (e.g. finding anomalies, curiosity about the data, etc)
  • Passion for the environment, sustainability, reducing waste and creating the circular economy
  • Self-management, communications, and people skills.

Desired Expert Skills:

  • Experience with Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI and Tableau
  • Experience with Python/Pandas/Jupyter notebooks
  • Experience with automating data transformation processes (ETL) using SQL, Python, APIs and other tools
  • Experience with ArcGIS including building maps, geocoding and spatial analysis
  • Experience with no/low code app development (PowerApps, AppSheet, etc.)
  • Strong research skills and the ability to conduct research as the member of a team or independently.
  • Ability to summarize and present results to the wider team, both technical and non-technical colleagues
  • Solid time management, prioritization skills, and clear ability to both work independently and be a team player.
  • Intellectual curiosity. Continued professional and personal growth.


Why Should You Apply?

The Recycling Partnership is just that – a partnership. Mission-driven, our team is made of a group of individuals with varied backgrounds working together because we are positive changemakers! We all have something unique that we bring to the team – what will be your contribution? Joining our team means you will be encouraged to grow, learn, build friendships, and have fun all while transforming recycling for good!

Where do you send your info?

Please email resume and cover letter to Tell us not only how you meet the qualifications listed above, but why you want to be a part of this team and what you want to bring to it.

The Recycling Partnership is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity in our employees!

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