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Director of MRF Advancement

Location: Remote – anywhere in the United States

Reports to: Chief Community Strategy Officer

The Director of MRF advancement is an essential role on the Community Engagement Team at The Recycling Partnership. This team develops and deploys all community and MRF grants. This position works closely with team members to use grant dollars as a tool to make systemic improvements in recycling programs throughout the U.S. The Director of MRF Advancement will support the Chief of Community Strategy to engage funders on MRF support, granting progress and quantifying impacts. This position will also be responsible for working with the Circular Ventures Team, industry coalitions and collaborators, to create best management practices that help materials processing grow and improve to ultimately help community recycling programs thrive.

This exciting position is responsible for designing how The Partnership supports and grants materials processors for improved capture of recyclables. Experience with material processing and local government recycling is imperative and The Director of MRF Advancement should also have a strong understanding of MRF operations and of the recycling system as a whole. Understanding how the stakeholders work together throughout the supply chain will be important to the success of this position.


We’re inclusive, so be yourself! We celebrate and support the differences that makes each of us unique and appreciate the culture-add that each new employee brings to our organization. Since the CET team works with a diverse group of communities, MRF’s and industry stakeholders, this job will be well suited to you if you:

  • Are a relationship builder with a passion for listening and understanding a processor’s needs and then generating tailored solutions.
  • Are a strong researcher with the ability to conduct research as a member of a team or independently.
  • Are intellectually curious and have a desire for continuous learning and growth.
  • Are analytical in nature and experience with project economics.
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit

WHAT WE WILL TRUST YOU WITH – and how you will use your strengths.

Materials Processing Support and Grant Program Design:

  • Work with Partnership teams and industry coalitions to build a robust program that supports and grants MRFs and other potential processing facilities.
  • Provide financial and technical support for facilities that recover and/or process recyclable material to recover more material more effectively and efficiently for end markets.
  • Developing the process for new MRF granting initiatives
  • Cultivating MRF and equipment relationships
  • Designing criteria and protocols for MRF engagement.

MRF Support and Granting:

  • Independently build relationships with MRFs and other materials processors throughout the United States.
  • Identify needs for facilities to recover specific commodities and provide grants to catalyze equipment or processing investments while providing technical assistance as needed.
  • Identify the opportunities, entering agreements with facilities, following up to ensure all obligations are met, and leading efforts to quantify impacts.
  • Work with facilities to go beyond just equipment grant agreements and partnerships and involve elements of support to ensure responsible and sustainable sorting and marketing of material.

 Reporting and Measurement:

  • Project, track, and report impacts for all grants.
  • Track all metrics and report results to The Recycling Partnership members as well as industry coalitions partnering on MRF improvement efforts.
  • Perform basic financial modeling and analytics of the results to help build the business case for others in the industry to invest.
  • Maintain and update The Recycling Partnership MRF database and continuously analyzing the data for reporting purposes. This MRF database is also used to find opportunities for MRF and processing interventions.

AREAS OF KNOWLEDGE & EXPERTISE – things that matter most for this role

  • 4-year degree or equivalent work experience.
  • Minimum of 6+ years of experience working for, or with, a MRF or materials processing and marketing with demonstrated understanding of local recycling operations.
  • Strong project management, communications, presentation, and interpersonal skills.
  • Experience with scoping multi-stakeholder projects.
  • Experience with data management (excel, access, online database, etc.)
  • Grant administration experience.
  • Experience working with, or for, MRF equipment manufacturers.
  • Understanding of recycling system and how the stakeholders work together throughout the supply chain, from material generation to end markets. Organization’s material focus is on traditional recyclables including bottles, cans, paper, and containers.
  • Business Development experience a plus 


The Recycling Partnership is a rapidly growing, action-focused nonprofit, overhauling the U.S recycling system and activating a circular economy for packaging. We work on the ground with thousands of communities to transform underperforming recycling programs and tackle circular economy challenges. We work with companies to make their packaging more circular and help them meet their climate and sustainability goals. And we work with government to develop the policy solutions that will address the systemic needs of our residential recycling system.


We are actively committed to our Core Values and what they stand for: Act with Intention & Integrity; Embrace Change & Drive Action; Partnership is Part of our Name for a Reason, Play Well with Others; Pursue Growth and Learning; Have Fun; Be your Whole Self, Take Time to Reflect and Dream and finally Stand Up and Speak out for Equity and Inclusion. We have a fast-paced culture of innovation, compassion, integrity, and continual learning that does not just exist, but is continuously cultivated so that we always remain employee-focused