City of Saint Paul Rolls Out Carts with The Recycling Partnership

FALLS CHURCH, VA October 6, 2016 – The City of Saint Paul, Minnesota, is known as “the most livable city in America.” By early January its recycling program will match that claim, delivering the convenience and ease of recycling roll carts to 78,087 households. The Recycling Partnership will support the roll-out with grant dollars, technical assistance, and educational resources.

“St. Paul has adopted an incredibly aggressive timeline, and they’re on track to have the last cart on the ground just after the holiday season,” says Justin Gast, The Partnership’s Technical Assistance Coordinator. “City staff is able to move confidently with speed while still being very thoughtful, looking for ways to improve the user experience for residents at every turn.”

One example of the City’s attention to detail is in their acceptable material representation. In the past it used eight material categories to depict and describe curbside recyclables to residents. As part of the cart roll-out, city staff have boiled that down to three – containers, papers and boxes – to simplify the message and bolster ease of comprehension.

“Moving from single-stream bins to single-stream carts will provide our residents more convenience with a heightened level of service. We anticipate a 15% increase in participation and a 35% increase in tons collected,” notes Kris Hageman, Environmental Coordinator for the City of Saint Paul Department of Public Works. “Throughout this launch we will continue to use every means available to maximize results, and our partnerships with Ramsey County, Eureka Recycling and The Recycling Partnership are proving invaluable to that end.”

Since the start of 2015, The Recycling Partnership has helped catalyze $21 million of new recycling infrastructure that positively impacts more than two million households. Over the coming months, The Partnership expects to complete placement of more than 300,000 additional carts. Further, the national group is leading the charge to fight contamination in the residential recycling stream, building, testing and sharing its quality-improvement model through on-the-ground programs and free online open source tools and resources.

“This is our 11th cart grant since 2015, and through each one we learn as much as we share,” adds Gast. “Communities continue to operate under strapped budgets and overcommitted staff time, yet programs like St. Paul’s show the power of an informed, efficient team and a well thought out plan. It’s a privilege to partner with such a capable, forward thinking group of recycling professionals.”


About The Recycling Partnership

The Recycling Partnership ( is a national nonprofit transforming recycling in towns all across America. At The Recycling Partnership, we believe that recycling is fundamental to a healthy environment and economy. Every day, we work hand-in-hand with communities and companies, continuously innovating to improve recycling systems. Because when we do, jobs are created, our environment is protected, and communities thrive.

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