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Why be Green?

Committing to green initiatives at home and in your community does a world of good. The most impactful things you can start doing today include: Recycle! We live in a world of convenience, and that’s not going to suddenly change. However, you can make a difference by tossing your used items in a recycling bin. Remember that most packaging, bottles, cardboard, and glass are recyclable! Become more energy efficient. Energy use takes a lot of resources, but we can do a lot to reduce our consumption. Try biking to work once per week, replace your light bulbs with energy-efficient ones, and turn off lights when not is use. You’ll save energy and money. Spread the word. While a single person can make a difference in the world, encouraging friends and family is important too. Instead of getting your cousins socks for Christmas, how about you purchase personalized reusable totes bags? For more ways to be green, browse It’s All You’s recycling tips, follow us on Facebook, and take the pledge today! The recycling pledge encourages recycling more at home and in your community.