Meet Out Newest Staffer – Welcome Beth Schmitt, Sustainability Expert!

FALLS CHURCH, VA March 13, 2017 –The Recycling Partnership’s staff is a tight-knit nuclear family. We depend on one another, we trust each other. Our funding partners are also part of that family. Like uncles and aunts, cousins and grandparents, we don’t see them as often, but the bond is just as strong.

Beth Schmitt has represented Alcoa Foundation for years as a stalwart member of our clan. As she retires from that role, we are delighted to pull her closer as the latest addition to our nuclear family. She’ll apply her savvy and support to attract new funding partners, while keeping our current partners energized and engaged.

When you think of family, we hope that joyful gatherings around succulent meals come to mind. Beth brings amazing culinary skills to the table, and she particularly excels at cheffing up poultry. Welcome Beth to the team by challenging her to provide you with a delectable chicken recipe (bschmitt @ in any genre of food you choose. From Italian to Indian, Korean to Peruvian, or any other sort of cuisine you enjoy, she’s up to the task. We dare you to stump her. Bon Appetite!

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