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Just getting started? Download The Partnership’s Step-by-Step Guide to Multifamily Recycling

This guide features experiences, lessons, and best practices from Orlando, Florida, which has a significant proportion of multifamily properties and has set a goal to become a zero-waste community by 2040, and Tacoma, Washington, which is striving to divert 70% of its solid waste from landfills by 2028.


Implementing a Multifamily Recycling Challenge in Your Community? Download our 2022 guide to launching a challenge.

This features case studies and a step-by step guide for how to implement a recycling challenge at multifamily properties in your community.

Ready to engage your multifamily residents on what’s recyclable in their living spaces?

Our editable templates allow you to customize and download your own education and outreach assets to boost recycling at multifamily properties – for free.

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