Recycling is in trouble — and it might be your fault

APRIL 20, 2017 I By Paul Singer I USA TODAY

“We work hard to keep glass in the system because it is an iconic recycled item,” said Keefe Harrison, CEO of the Recycling Partnership, a non-profit committed to improving recycling programs nationwide. But “it has very minimal market value because it has to compete with sand,” which is the raw material glass is made from. Some municipalities have simply stopped collecting glass in their curbside recycling programs. Santa Fe overhauled its recycling program this month and said it would no longer collect glass from households. Residents are being asked to take their glass to four drop-off centers around the city.

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Target’s Thinking Outside the Box with Five New Sustainable Packaging Goals

APRIL 18, 2017
Guests tell us they love to recycle, so as the first retailer to join The Recycling Partnership, we’ll make it easier by increasing access to the resources they need. One big example? Studies show just 53 percent of the U.S. population have recycling as a standard service, and even fewer have cart-based programs. Our investment will bring curbside recycling to more underserved communities—increasing recycling and making more recycled raw materials available for packaging.

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The Recycling Partnership Releases 2016 Annual Report

FALLS CHURCH, VA. April 18, 2017 – How do you create impact3? In its newly released 2016 Annual Report, national nonprofit The Recycling Partnership asks and answers that very question. The report highlights real-time benefits of the transformative organization’s work, focusing on year-on-year growth, systems solutions across the supply chain, and the multiplier effect that intelligently-deployed new infrastructure delivers.

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The Recycling Partnership Announces Opening of Latest Cart Grant Round

FALLS CHURCH, VA. April 4, 2017 – In its continued effort to overhaul the U.S. recycling system, The Recycling Partnership has just released its latest grant request for proposals (RFP). Geared specifically to help counties, municipalities, tribes and solid waste authorities with 4,000 or more households seeking to upgrade to cart-based curbside recycling collection, awardees will receive up to $7/cart in grant funding, tailored educational materials paired with a communications grant, and best in class technical assistance.

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Sonoco Partners with The Recycling Partnership

FALLS CHURCH, VA. March 21, 2017 – National nonprofit The Recycling Partnership proudly welcomes global packaging provider Sonoco as its newest funding partner. The two organizations are strongly aligned in their commitment to improving the world for people and communities through meaningful recovery of materials and reductions in greenhouse gases, energy and water use.

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Meet Out Newest Staffer – Welcome Beth Schmitt, Sustainability Expert!

FALLS CHURCH, VA March 13, 2017 –The Recycling Partnership’s staff is a tight-knit nuclear family. We depend on one another, we trust each other. Our funding partners are also part of that family. Like uncles and aunts, cousins and grandparents, we don’t see them as often, but the bond is just as strong. Beth Schmitt has represented Alcoa Foundation for years as a stalwart member of our clan. As she retires from that role, we are delighted to pull her closer as the latest addition to our nuclear family. She’ll apply her savvy and support to attract new funding partners, while keeping our current partners energized and engaged.

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Updated 2016 State of Curbside Report

FALLS CHURCH, VA March 13, 2017 – In December we released an analysis of curbside recycling in the U.S. Now we’ve refreshed that report, updating the content and several maps. It was very good. Now it is even better.

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Portland Maine Rolls Out Recycling Carts with The Recycling Partnership

FALLS CHURCH, VA March 1, 2017 – The City of Portland Maine is known for stunning fall foliage, a thriving craft brewing industry, and as an all-around great place to live. By summer 2017 the City will make another smart investment to maintain its high quality of life: delivering recycling carts. The decision was made after careful consideration and extensive technical assistance from The Recycling Partnership, including economic modeling to weigh the monetary pros and cons of the investment. Already a community of strong recyclers with a robust pay-as-you-throw system in place, Portland ultimately chose to move forward with the roll out of 25,000 carts with the help of a grant, technical assistance, and educational resources from the Partnership.

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Meet Out Newest Staffer – Welcome Chris Coady, MRF Expert!

FALLS CHURCH, VA February 7, 2017 – Building a great team is like building an efficient MRF: every piece serves a critical role, adds measurable value and fits together perfectly. The Recycling Partnership is proud to upgrade our proverbial facility with the addition of Chris Coady, MRF expert, project management guru, and thoughtful human.

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EPA and The Recycling Partnership Release Findings from State of Curbside Recycling Report

FALLS CHURCH, VA December 13, 2016 – The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and national nonprofit The Recycling Partnership have just completed a study on the state of curbside recycling in the U.S. in 2016.

The resultant report – now publicly available here – provides analysis of key curbside recycling attributes that influence performance, notably: offering recycling wherever trash pickup is available, using carts to collect recyclables, and having robust engagement from municipal recycling program managers.

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