It’s just over a year since Curbside Value Partnership relaunched as The Recycling Partnership, pairing our strong background in curbside education and outreach with recycling industry expertise and action to address the infrastructure that is critical for the success of recycling. In just fourteen months we have made great strides. The Recycling Partnership proudly celebrates an important milestone: Over 100,000 recycling carts have delivered to households thanks to the generous support of our funding partners, the dedication of our partner cities and the work of our staff.

While this success is particularly rewarding, it’s only the beginning! In addition to the carts, over 430,000 additional households will benefit this year from our education materials outside of grant dollars.

Plus, another 47,000 carts will be in operation this fall. Bringing our grand total to more than 150,000 carts on the street in 18 month.

Our system approach strategically targets the common barriers and opportunities facing the recycling industry. Our work addresses four areas: Cart Access, Common Suite of Materials, Reducing Contamination, and Passing Plateaus. By delivering practical and tactical tools, seed grants and technical assistance, we are the boots on the ground. We are the non-profit improving and growing curbside recycling.


We are well on our way to exceeding our goals which goes to show, these are the right tools for the job. The industry is hungry for improvements and practical solutions.




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