Amina Robinson, Community Program Coordinator 


Amina possesses a strong passion for recycling and environmentalism rooted in a deep love for her family and community-building. After establishing a decade-long career in the airline industry, Amina shifted her professional aspirations to match her personal passions. She currently works as a Community Program Coordinator for The Recycling Partnership, where she manages education and outreach around recycling programs in Michigan. She also serves as the Multifamily Do You Recycle? Challenge Project Coordinator at LiveThrive, a sustainability and recycling-focused nonprofit in Atlanta. Amina has completed and earned several certifications in urban agriculture, green infrastructure, and sustainability, and holds a bachelor’s degree from Spelman College. She is also Founder of The LightBeam Foundation and Brain Farmacy, two initiatives that aim to support families and children with diverse developmental functionalities and abilities.  

Why I Care About Recycling and a Circular Economy 

I am driven by the idea that sustainability can help make the relationship between people and the environment better. There are so many possibilities to make a difference with equitable access to education and infrastructure to recycle properly. Many of us have seen our mothers and grandmothers reuse margarine containers for example, to store food. When I share how recycling is natural to us from that perspective, people get it. By continuing to put into practice ways to upcycle, recycle, reuse, and reduce we create the opportunity for our children to look forward to a world less impacted by waste.” 

Personal Passions and Interests 

Amina is passionate about world travel, growing fresh food and learning about using plants as a form of natural healing. In support of her eldest son diagnosed with epilepsy and cerebral palsy, she has experienced firsthand the positive impact of holistic health approaches, natural treatments, and time spent in green spaces. Amina shares her experiences and learnings with other families through her two initiatives, The LightBeam Foundation, which supports natural treatments for functionally diverse children, and Brain Farmacy, which curates sensory garden pop-up experiences for children. She lives in Atlanta with her family. 


  • Certificate in Equity and Energy Leadership Training from the Just Energy Academy, Partnership for Southern Equity 
  • International Certification as a Green Infrastructure Professional from the National Green Infrastructure Certification Program 
  • Certificate of Achievement in Urban Agriculture, Green Infrastructure, and Sustainability from Urban Green Jobs 
  • Certificate of Achievement in Agricultural Business and Management from HABESHA Agriculture Leadership Opportunity 
  • City of Atlanta Sustainability Ambassador 
  • Certificate of Achievement in Urban Agriculture from HABESHA Works 
  • Founder, The LightBeam Foundation
  • Founder, Brain Farmacy 


To learn more about multifamily recycling in Atlanta or to discuss outreach strategies, especially for communities of color, reach out to Amina at