Elizabeth Biser, Senior Policy Advisor

Elizabeth leads The Recycling Partnership’s Circular Economy Accelerator policy advocacy efforts, which includes working with diverse stakeholders to shape policy proposals that will advance a circular economy. She has also testified before federal lawmakers on the challenges and opportunities facing community recycling programs. She brings nearly 15 years of experience representing environmental and natural resource interests before the North Carolina state legislature. In her previous roles with The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources and Brooks Pierce, a Raleigh law firm, she has worked with public officials on a wide range of recycling and solid waste issues. She is a keen facilitator and excels in her ability to bring multiple stakeholders to the table and build consensus.

Why I Care About the Circular Economy

“We have an opportunity to pass smart policy that will provide good jobs, strengthen the economy, protect our natural resources, and reduce waste. When future generations look back on this time, my hope is they will see that we were able to make a meaningful difference.”

Personal Passions and Interests

When she’s not advocating for the circular economy, Elizabeth loves cooking and traveling with her family.



Reach out to Elizabeth about building policymaker support for recycling and a circular economy at ebiser @ recyclingpartnership.org