Elizabeth Schussler, Senior Director of Social Change, Behavior, and Impact

Elizabeth brings decades of experience cultivating meaningful engagement and scalable results to The Recycling Partnership. In every project, Elizabeth has a keen awareness for the elements that empower communications to build relationships and ignite action. Elizabeth’s expertise and insights in behavioral design and communications, personal and social dynamics, and knowledge of the recycling system have helped shape The Partnership’s culture and resources. Working across teams and industries, Elizabeth harnesses research and abstract thinking to build data-backed solutions. As the Senior Director of Social Change, Behavior, and Impact, she is forging paths to influence behavior and strengthen recycling across the U.S.

Why I Care About Recycling

“I love the intersection of art and science and of people and process. I came to recycling from a social entrepreneur path. Having helped build mission-minded brands and companies, I have always wanted to help put ‘good’ to work. I am excited by the opportunity to create real ways for companies and individuals to engage in a greater good. The belief that anything is possible is both comforting and challenging but most importantly, I think possibility is the root of momentum, and who doesn’t want to help create momentum for the greater good?”

Personal Passions and Interests

Other than when she is visiting friends and family, adventuring or taking classes, Elizabeth can be found with her family in Asheville, North Carolina.


Let Elizabeth know your thoughts and questions about recycling behaviors at eschussler @ recyclingpartnership.org