Mike Tannenbaum, Director of Organizational Effectiveness

As a seasoned design strategist with a passion for climate action, Mike is an expert in helping people and teams become their best selves by leading them to clarity, insight, and focus while improving outcomes. Through coaching, facilitation, and collaboration, he helps people better understand their environments and make choices that lead to more joy, creativity, and fulfillment. Mike enjoys implementing diverse research and design methods and has helped develop products, create service offerings, build partnerships, guide transitions, align leadership teams, and grow organizations. With a career spanning strategy, operations, sales and marketing, he has delivered journey maps, product roadmaps, brand messaging, training programs, interactive workshops and more for numerous corporations and organizations. As Director of Organizational Effectiveness at The Recycling Partnership, Mike’s work helps teams improve how they share knowledge and resources while collaborating more effectively with one another. He is also leading efforts to establish a new center for excellence.

Why I Care About Recycling

“I’ve long believed in a future where we live in harmony with the earth instead of extracting and destroying its resources and abundance of life. It is an honor to step up and apply everything I’ve learned throughout my career to accelerate our transition to a circular, sustainable, and regenerative economy.”

Personal Passions and Interests

Mike is actively involved in local organizations and community efforts, from tech and startup scenes to sustainability and circular economy communities. He lives in Philadelphia with his partner, Arielle, child, Marley, and their dog Cooper. Mike’s mind is in the future of tech, business, and the metaverse, and his heart is in the wilderness. You can frequently find him camping, hiking, biking, and disc golfing as ways to reconnect with his roots while cleansing his soul.



If you’d like to discuss ways to collaborate more effectively to maximize impact, or if you’d like a walking tour and talk about Philadelphia, contact Mike at mtannenbaum @ recyclingpartnership.org