Tom Clevenger, Financial Controller 


Tom has a professional background and lifelong passion for recycling and waste reduction alongside 11 years of nonprofit finance and operations experience. He embraces a forward-thinking strategic mindset, always looking for new ways to evolve and refine processes in order to provide exceptional outcomes and support to all levels of the organization.  

Why I Care About Recycling and a Circular Economy 

Our behaviors around consumption often mirror the long dispelled economic myths of perpetual growth and resource abundance. Not only do we now know that our planet’s resources are finite, but the ever-increasing scale of resource extraction and utilization since the industrial revolution now threaten species biodiversity and the ecological systems that allow for much of life on earth. How we recapture and repurpose resources at the end of use cycle is paramount to addressing this environmental crisis and establishing a new sustainable relationship with our planet. I am thrilled to be a part of an organization committed to making meaningful change in this space.” 

Personal Passions and Interests 

When not at work, Tom can usually be found playing music, hiking, reading, hanging out with friends or relaxing with his partner, Sheryl, and silly pets in Yellow Springs, Ohio.