Tricia Tiedt

Tricia Tiedt, Manager of Communications and Events

A communications guru with strong knowledge of The Recycling Partnership’s brand and resources, Tricia actively creates opportunities for effective engagement between communities and industry partners by identifying key speaking opportunities for The Partnership to present tools, resources, and best management practices around the country. An organizational whiz with an eye for detail, Tricia keeps The Partnership’s travel schedule on track, managing the logistics, administrative processes, and operations of The Partnership’s hallmark events. Tricia’s experience in nonprofit public relations and community journalism contributes to her keen understanding of local government operations and effective media relations strategies, which she utilizes in her role to help The Partnership team successfully communicate with community partners, industry partners, and one another.

Why I Care About Recycling

“I work in recycling because it’s one of the few bipartisan issues our country is facing today. Recycling creates job and helps drive a circular economy while fighting climate change – a win-win for everyone on both sides of the aisle.”

Personal Passions and Interests

When not planning The Partnership’s next speaking engagement, managing internal communications and other communications workstreams within The Partnership, Tricia can usually be found drinking coffee and riding bikes in Boston.


Want The Recycling Partnership to present at your next conference or virtual event? Reach out to events @ – spoiler alert, it’s Tricia on the other side!