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The Recycling Partnership Elects New Directors to Board, Appoints New Senior Leaders in Marketing and Policy

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 27, 2024) – The Recycling Partnership (The Partnership) announced today that Dune Ives, Ph.D., and Kate Davenport have joined the organization as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Policy Officer, respectively. In addition, The Partnership is announcing five new members and one reelected member to its Board of Directors.

As Chief Marketing Officer, Ives brings 20+ years of expertise as an experienced systems change advocate, keynote speaker and behavior change expert to The Recycling Partnership. As the former CEO of Lonely Whale, she led award-winning, action-oriented initiatives and campaigns like the TOM FORD Plastic Innovation Prize, NextWave Plastics, and the viral For A Strawless Ocean that shifted normative behavior and sparked a global discussion on single-use plastic waste. As The Partnership’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ives will make recycling solutions more accessible and relatable through human-centered communications and campaigns, supporting The Partnership’s important work to build a better recycling system, and building trust in the recycling system on behalf of  everyday people who want to recycle and the hundreds of thousands of individuals who work in recycling programs across the United States.

Before joining The Partnership to lead the Policy Advocacy and Policy Implementation teams, Davenport co-led Eureka Recycling, a nonprofit recycler and zero waste advocacy organization in Minneapolis. During her time with Eureka Recycling, Davenport was instrumental in the launch of The Alliance for Mission-Based Recycling. In her current role, Davenport’s primary responsibilities include leading efforts to adopt Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) at the state and national levels while ensuring that the implementation of these policies result in expanded recycling access, delivery of proven education practices that increase and sustain participation, and address critically important environmental justice issues.

“As The Recycling Partnership celebrates its tenth anniversary, we are proud to introduce two more incredible leaders to our executive leadership team to drive the organization and our mission forward,” said Keefe Harrison, CEO of The Recycling Partnership. “We are confident in both Dune and Kate’s unique capabilities to accelerate The Partnership’s mission as we grow and amplify a movement where companies, communities, and people across the U.S. are engaged and equipped with the tools, access, and trusted systems that, together, deliver a better U.S. recycling system.”

The Recycling Partnership is also adding the following key industry leadership to its Board of Directors as it works towards the goal of improving the residential recycling rate by 25% by 2026:

  • Alex Schenck, Walmart’s Director of Global Environmental Policy, will serve a three-year term.
  • Brent Bell, Vice President of Recycling for Waste Management, will be serving a three-year term.
  • Ginger Spencer, City of Phoenix Deputy City Manager, will serve a three-year term. 
  • Robert Flores, Global Vice President of Sustainability at Berry Global, will serve a two-year term.
  • Scott Ballard, President of Eastman’s Plastics Division, will serve a three-year term. 
  • Scott DeFife, President of the Glass Packaging Institute, will serve a three-year term. 

Scott Breen, SVP of Sustainability at the Can Manufacturers Institute, was elected Chairman of the Board, Haley Lowry, Global Sustainability Director for Dow, and Stephanie Potter, Director of Environmental Policy for PepsiCo, were both elected as Vice-Chairs, and Robert Flores, Vice President Sustainability for Berry Global, was elected Secretary. Scott Hemink, Senior Director of Global Knowledge and Packaging Solutions for General Mills, continues his term as Treasurer. 

“The work of the Recycling Partnership is made possible by the incredible staff and our Board of Directors,” said Scott Breen, Chair of the Board of The Recycling Partnership and SVP of Sustainability at the Can Manufacturers Institute. “The unique experiences and backgrounds of our Board and leadership will enable The Partnership to expand its reach, allowing us to further our mission of building a better recycling system, one that delivers the economic and environmental benefits our communities deserve.” 

More information can be found here at recyclingpartnership.org.  

About The Recycling Partnership 

The Recycling Partnership is a purpose-driven organization committed to building a better recycling system, one that delivers the economic and environmental benefits our communities and the hundreds of thousands of people who work throughout the recycling industry deserve. The Recycling Partnership’s team of experts, practitioners, and thought leaders with real-world experience works with its partners to create meaningful change across the recycling system and assist communities, companies, and policymakers in enacting such change. The Recycling Partnership uses its one-of-its-kind National Recycling Database that reaches more than 9,000 U.S. recycling programs and develops practical and innovative resources to address critical gaps in the recycling system. Learn more at recyclingpartnership.org.