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World Environment Day Demands Action for Our Planet

World Environment Day turns 50 this year. It’s an annual moment in time to raise awareness, get loud, and demand action for our planet. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) spearheads these efforts, encouraging and fostering a forum to do more together.   

Follow 2023’s theme, and lend your voice to the conversation on June 5. We can act on big solutions when we all work together. 

This year, The Recycling Partnership is joining the call to action by highlighting ways to support our planet through investing and building a better recycling system. You can make a difference whether you’re an individual, a community, a recycling facility, a company, or any level of government. Here’s how: 

U.S. Communities 

Recycling Facilities, Processors, and Secondary Processors 

  • Explore available grants to increase the capture and processing of valuable recyclables at materials recovery facilities (MRFs), processors, and others engaged in the recycling value chain. 



How can I make a difference as an individual? 

Taking action on World Environment Day is important, but the actions you take to recycle confidently and correctly year-round helps 

  • Protect natural resources and reduce waste 
  • Benefit future generations 
  • Reduce litter and keep communities and waterways clean  
  • Support a chain reaction of positive benefits that are part of a thriving community 
  • Transform recycled materials become into new items

You can find out what’s accepted for recycling where you live by chatting your recycling questions here. Reach out to your local program for more information and learn as much information as you can! 

Do more today 

The hard but necessary work of system change will protect our planet for years to come. As a mission-driven NGO, The Recycling Partnership is committed to this work, mobilizing the people, data, and solutions across the value chain to reduce waste and our impact on the environment while also unlocking economic benefits. We’d love to connect with you – your community, your recycling facility, your state, or your company- to make change, together.