Recycling is a movement for good

Recycling saves local money, creates jobs, and protects the environment. Your recycling adds up. Join the movement.

Imagine what we can do together

If every American with access to recycling recycled all that they could every year, together we would:



NEW full-time jobs


154 Million

Barrels of oil


96 Million

Metric tons of CO2

What's your impact?

Move the GREEN TAB below to find out the impact your family could have when you recycle and how much water that would save per year.

How many times your family recycles per year







Estimates based on EPA WARM Model (Each person generates an average of 1.5 pounds of recyclables per day which equates to 3.8 gallons of water when recycled properly.)

Learn the facts about recycling

Photo of Child Recycling Bottle

Test your recycling IQ on common DOs and DON'Ts. Every program is different, so check locally to find out all the details of your program.

Recycling is not the same everywhere

Recycling can vary - from town to town and even differ where you work, live, and play in your community. Some locations may accept more recyclable materials while others may accept different recyclables. Watch the video to learn how to recycle responsibly. It all adds up.

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We’re all in this together. Join others in showing your support of a healthier, more responsible tomorrow.