There are many reasons why people recycle.

There are many reasons why people recycle.

As we celebrate America Recycles, we want to hear your #1 reason – to recycle. Take the poll and join us in celebrating the many reasons why your recycling matters.

Your recycling becomes new things, providing valuable materials to create your favorite products and packaging.

Every bottle. Every can. Every box. It all adds up.

When we choose to recycle, we can ignite a chain reaction of positive change in our homes, our communities, and the world.

Your recycling saves important natural resources such as trees, water, and minerals while creating a valuable supply of materials for local manufacturing.

Your recycling helps protect everyone’s environment, leading to cleaner air and water for our communities

Your recycling benefits future generations by decreasing our use and reliance on natural resources, decreasing overly wasteful landfills, which lead to the production of harmful greenhouse gases.