A Clear Vision for Earth Day 2021.


Eight out of 10 Americans don’t think we are doing enough as a society to combat wastefulness and two thirds believe that in their lifetime climate change will be devastating unless we take action. We need to do more—but what?


Accelerating Change for Good.


Your actions, including your buying power, can support sustainable change in our planet, the economy, and your community. Use your buying power to support brands that support our planet

Your Voice Matters.

We’re all in this together. Your recycling matters. When it comes to our environment, we are better together.


Giving Back

Recycling is giving back to your community. How do you give back?

Earth Day Activities

Thank a Recycling Collector Coloring Sheet

Here’s a great way to thank your recycling heroes. Download the coloring sheet and leave it near your bin on recycling day. Recycling matters, and it’s our everyday heroes that make the difference for us all.

Recycling Scavenger Hunt

Use this recycling scavenger hunt to engage your kids and learn a bit more about what is and isn’t recyclable.

Recycling Quiz

Do you know what everyday items are recyclable and how they should be prepared for recycling?

Thanks for Recycling Coloring Sheet

Daily reminders are a great way to remember that recycling counts—all the time. Download this coloring sheet and place it on the refrigerator for a bright spot in your day.

Share Your Love for the Earth.

This Earth Day, use your voice to show your commitment by sharing this image on social media. Use #ThankYouRecyclingHeroes! to show how much you care.


Ready to Learn More?

Plastic bags, Styrofoam, garden hoses – are they recyclable or not? Brush up on recycling best practices with these helpful articles or take our Earth Day Quiz.