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Recycling saves local money, creates jobs, and saves the environment. Your recycling adds up to big savings.

Earth Day 2020 | Virtually Celebrating 50 Years

This year, Earth Day is celebrating 50 years! Things may look a little different right now, but we’ve put together some fun Earth Day activities to show your love for the planet and for our recycling heroes! 

INTERACTIVE: What’s your impact?

Move the GREEN TAB below to find out how much your family could recycle and how much water that would save each year.








Estimates based on EPA WARM Model (Each person generates an average of 1.5 pounds of recyclables per day which equates to 3.8 gallons of water when recycled properly.)

Communities for Recycling

Communities for Recycling is a national initiative, led by The Recycling Partnership, to increase recycling, protecting our planet by collecting more recyclables and using fewer natural resources. Follow us for tips, tricks, and hacks. #CommunitiesforRecycling #RecyclingMatters Recycling is an easy way to create a positive impact. We want to encourage everyone to make an impact where they live. Make the pledge to recycle today!
Communities for Recycling
Communities for Recycling12 hours ago

Masks, wipes, and gloves don’t belong on the ground or in the recycling ❌. Please place your used masks & gloves 😷🧤 in the #trash. #COVID19

Communities for Recycling
Communities for Recycling2 days ago

Do you #KnowWhatToThrow? ♻️Our FREE DIYSigns that anyone can use helps people know what can and can’t be recycled, whether at home, at the office, at school, or anywhere education is needed.

Personalize & download yours today:

Communities for Recycling
Communities for Recycling3 days ago

♻️ Ever wonder what happens to your face cream container, hand soap bottle, soda can, plastic bottle, or anything recyclable after you put it in your recycling?

#Recycling #RecyclingMatters...

Communities for Recycling
Communities for Recycling3 days ago

🛍️ Don’t let holiday shopping get your tinsel in a tangle. Keep calm and carry your reusable shopping bag.

#Reduce #Reuse

Communities for Recycling
Communities for Recycling4 days ago

♻️ 🌎 Continuing to recycle is better for the planet, better for the people working in the industry & better for our economy. During this season of gratitude, join us in saying #ThankYouRecyclingHeroes! 🖍️

You can even channel...

Communities for Recycling
Communities for Recycling5 days ago

#ThankYouRecyclingHeroes! We appreciate you continuing to collect and sort our recycling. ♻️ 🚛


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COMMUNITIES FOR RECYCLING is a national initiative seeking to raise public awareness about recycling because we are all in this bin together. The more we know about what and how to recycle, the healthier our neighborhoods, our communities, and our planet.