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Learn how to recycle more and recycle better in your local community.


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Do you know what to throw?

Wishcycling,” putting trash in the bin that you wish was recyclable but is not, hurts the recycling system. Do garden hoses belong in your recycling bin? No way! Take the recycling quiz to test your knowledge and make sure you know what to throw! 

Learn recycling best practices

Plastic bags, Styrofoam, garden hoses – are they recyclable or not? Brush up on recycling best practices with these helpful articles.


Pledge to recycle

Join thousands who have pledged to recycle everyday where they live, work and play. Your recycling adds up and it makes a difference. It’s all you!


PepsiCo Foundation Says “We’re All In On Recycling”

Less than half of recyclables in U.S. homes get recycled. We can do better, but we must do it together. That’s why the PepsiCo Foundation, the food and beverage company’s non-profit, is investing $10 million with The Recycling Partnership to launch All In On Recycling, a challenge for businesses nationwide to raise $25 million to improve recycling for 25 million families across the country. All In On Recycling has raised millions of dollars in recycling funding in just the first year alone. Will you go all in too and help recycle better? 

Tell others!

Recycling only works if we’re all in this bin together. Share with your friends, family and networks to encourage them to recycle more and recycle better!


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COMMUNITIES FOR RECYCLING is a national initiative seeking to raise public awareness about recycling because we are all in this bin together. The more we know about what and how to recycle, the healthier our neighborhoods, our communities, and our planet.