Are you busy? If you answered YES to that question, there’s a great club for you. It’s called Everybody. Seriously, Americans are SO BUSY nowadays. We see it in packed schedules. And traffic patterns. And culture shifts. Take a look at take-out food – it’s on the rise. Or use of bottled water – also up. And all this dashing about means less time to stop and smell the roses. (But isn’t rose smelling important?) Let’s take a deeper dive on those trends and how you can make the most of them.

Takeout Food

As busy families continue to add more activities to their schedules, more folks are turning to takeout and convenience foods as an ideal option for fast and easy meals. Statistics from 2016 say 68 percent of the U.S. population orders takeout at least once per month, and nearly 30 percent go for it at least once per week.


How frequently Americans order takeout food:

How Often US Families Order Take Out - Graph

  • 4 percent: Daily takeout
  • 12 percent: Several times each week
  • 17 percent: Once per week
  • 19 percent: Several times each month
  • 16 percent: Once per month
Those statistics are expected to increase, as families get even busier and ordering gets easier withonline apps and super-fast delivery and pickup options. The takeout statistics are significant on their own, and they don’t include stats on ready-made convenience foods. As more families turn to takeout and convenience foods, the packaging can start to add up.


Both options do wonders for a quick family dinner on a tight schedule, and you can help ensure they continue to produce a positive effect by recycling accepted containers and packaging.

Water Bottle Use

Bottled water is another fast and easy option for folks on the go, with the average American using173 water bottles each year. That adds up to 35 billion water bottles used every year, with many of them ending up in landfills. More than 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away each day, and numbers are only expected to increase.


You and your family can readily do your part by putting those empty water bottles into the recycling bin instead of the trash.

Recycling is More Essential Than Ever Before

Recycling is always important, of course, but these trends are expected to continue into 2018 and are going to make it more essential than ever. The earth is green and glorious, and the little choices you and your family make can go a long way towards keeping it that way. Green spaces are beneficial for the body, mind, soul, with studies showing that experiencing nature tends to make us happier and healthier people.


Keep that happy vibe alive by paying attention to the different items you can recycle. Pass the happy vibe along by telling your family members, friend, neighbors, coworkers, boss, and everyone else you know how important it is to recycle.


You can make a difference in your community, in 2018 and beyond.