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The Recycling Partnership Announces First Calls for Community Programs to Partner on Recycling Behavior Change Initiatives, Material Data

The Recycling Partnership is looking for strong, motivated community programs who want to collaborate on building better material data and improving recycling behavior.

Have you ever wanted to understand what people are putting in the trash vs. recycling or test behavior change? Now there is an opportunity to collaborate with The Recycling Partnership to conduct capture studies and behavior pilots.

The Partnership is looking to take significant steps in:

  1. improving data on material generation and capture and
  2. addressing key recycling behavior gaps in residential recycling programs.

These areas are emerging as critical to helping the U.S. recycling system take the next leap forward, and we would like to do this work with you, our community partners.

Please let us know of your program’s interest in collaborating with us by filling out the below expression of interest form. We anticipate the survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

Let's Work Together