Take Action to Prepare for Recycling Policy Implementation

Recycling policy and sustainable funding can help us unlock the full economic and environmental benefits of robust, domestic recycling.

The policy landscape continues to evolve – in 2022, 4 states passed Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation and other recycling bills were passed or introduced across the country.  Our best practices and on-the-ground knowledge of the system stand ready and waiting to support the execution of this state funding in the coming years. 

While there are core elements to EPR legislation – learn more on our ‘Increasing Recycling with EPR’ page – each bill differs when it comes to implementation details.  The burden is then on producers (typically those selling or distributing packaging within these states) to interpret the legislation, navigate the nuances, and prepare for the impacts.  

Harnessing our deep and highly relevant expertise, The Partnership offers members companies support with: 

  • Interpretation: Translating the complex and technical language of each state’s legislation into insights to inform an effective strategic response. ​ 
  • Implications: Offering assessments based on what is currently known, perspectives on what is to be decided and detailed timelines for rollout of each state’s legislation. ​ 
  • Implementation: Providing tools, data and processes to assess key risks and prepare your business for operational and financial impacts.​ 

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