“The Recycling Partnership is a national leader in driving positive system change on recycling and bringing a circular economy to life in the U.S.  This Board has the talent, expertise and dedication to drive lasting change.”

– Kim Carswell, Target, Chairwoman of The Recycling Partnership Board

Meet Our Board of Directors

Steve Alexander

President and CEO, Association of Plastic Recyclers

Board Treasurer
Chair of the Finance Committee

Member of the Board since 2017. Mr. Alexander is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), a trade association whose members represent more than 95% of the processing capacity for postconsumer plastics in North America. APR serves the plastics recycling industry by providing technical and educational solutions with a goal of creating a robust supply of materials for recycling and enhancing the quality of the existing supply stream.

Viviana Alvarez

Chair of the Circular Economy Committee

Chair of the Circular Economy Committee

Member of the Board since May 2020. Ms. Alvarez most recently served as Head of Sustainability for Unilever North America, and earlier as Head of Corporate Strategy in the U.S. Prior to Unilever North America, she served as the Global Corporate Strategy Manager, Project leader for Global Strategies on Social Business models and Unilever Foundation Global Ambassador. Ms. Alvarez also brings expertise on Circular Economy topics, Sustainable Leadership, Corporate resilience and Scenario Planning. Ms. Alvarez is the co-Founder of H2H ("Help to Haiti") a NGO in Haiti, and an Advisory Board Member for Sustainable Brands and the Closed Loop Fund.

Derric Brown

Vice President of Sustainability, Carton Council

Board Secretary

Member of the Board since 2016. Mr. Brown is the Vice President of Sustainability for the Carton Council, bringing carton recycling to millions of households in the U.S. in the last 10 years. Mr. Brown’s expertise spans the recycling supply chain from communities, to material recovery facilities and finally recycled material end markets. Mr. Brown has 25 years of experience in Environmental Management in the pulp and paper industry with a broad range of environmental experience including water, air, and solid and hazardous waste program management.

Maria Burquest

Chair of the Community Engagement Committee

Chair of the Community Engagement Committee

Member of the Board since May 2020. Ms. Burquest recently retired as the Senior Director of Communications at Procter & Gamble (P&G). Ms. Burquest has over 20 years of global public relations, brand and corporate communications experience at P&G, where she worked across global Citizenship efforts: Sustainability, Gender Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. Ms. Burquest also led P&G’s global plastic waste and packaging communication strategy efforts to increase collection and recycling, and unleash the circular economy of plastics.

Kim Carswell

Director of Packaging, Target

Chairwoman of the Board

Member of the Board since 2016 and as Chairwoman of the Board since 2019. As a Director of Target’s Packaging team, Ms. Carswell oversees the development of the structural packaging for Target’s brands in food, essentials and beauty. With nearly 25 years of leading packaging engineering, Ms. Carswell drives positive change industry wide to improve sustainability and lighten packaging’s footprint on this planet.

Keith Christman

Acting VP Plastics Division, American Chemistry Council

Chair of the Audit Committee

Member of the Board since May 2020. Mr. Christman currently leads the Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) in an interim capacity. In this role, he leads ACC’s critical goals of reusing, recycling or recovering all plastic packaging by 2040. Mr. Christman has also overseen ACC’s Marine Debris, Packaging, Building and Construction, Automotive, and other market team advocacy.

David Clark

Vice President of Sustainability, Amcor

Vice Chairman

Member of the Board since May 2020. Mr. Clark is the Vice President of Sustainability at Amcor where he works closely with the global packaging company’s research and innovation to integrate sustainable design and social responsibility into Amcor’s product development and innovation processes. Mr. Clark is active in Amcor’s global sustainability partnerships and leads the company’s effort to achieve its Global Commitment to develop all of its packaging to be recyclable or reusable by 2025, to increase the use of recycled content, and collaborate to drive up rates of recycling around the world.

Nicole Collier

Director of Government Affairs, Nestlé

Member of the Board since May 2020. Ms. Collier is the Director of Government Affairs at Nestlé. With 20 years of policy and public affairs experience, Ms. Collier leads Nestlé’s U.S. advocacy team, managing the lobbying strategy and creating stakeholder relationships across a diverse array of priorities. Ms. Collier is primarily focused on critical areas of sustainability, including packaging and is active in sustainability partnerships that help drive Nestlé’s commitment to achieve 100% recyclable or reusable packaging. Prior to assuming this position, she represented Mayors and City Council Members while at the National League of Cities, she served as a Senior Advisor to Michigan Governor, Jennifer M. Granholm and managed lobbying strategies for several Fortune 500 companies as a Principal at a multi-client Washington, DC firm.

Megan Daum

Vice President of Sustainability, American Beverage Association

Chair of the Public Affairs Committee

Member of the Board since 2015 and as Chairman of the Board from 2015-2017. Ms. Daum is the Vice President of Sustainability at the American Beverage Association (ABA), where she oversees the industry’s sustainability programs and activities, including increasing collection of aluminum cans and plastic bottles for recycling. Prior to joining ABA, Ms. Daum was the Vice President of Sustainability at the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), where she headed the metal packaging sustainability program for 13 years. Ms. Daum has sat on various U.S. and international committees regarding recycling standards and education, and has had the privilege to work in various roles around the supply chain and with its many diverse materials.

Scott DeFife

President, Glass Packaging Institute

Member of the Board since May 2020. Mr. DeFife is President of the Glass Packaging Institute, a trade association representing the North American glass container industry, and the Glass Recycling Foundation. Mr. DeFife previously served as the Vice President of Government Affairs at the Plastics Industry Association, the Executive Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs for the National Restaurant Association, as well as senior roles with the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association and the American Public Power Association. Mr. DeFife also worked 12 years in the House of Representatives Congressional Leadership for House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, and for Members of the Energy and Commerce Committee, as well as for the State of Texas under Governor Ann Richards and the National Conference of State Legislatures. Mr. DeFife’s  experience at several levels of government and across several different industries and materials gives him a broad policy and systems perspective to support the national recycling infrastructure and education.

Aimee Gregg

Vice President & General Manager, Recycling and Recovered Fiber, International Paper

Member of the Board since 2018. Ms. Gregg is Vice President and General Manager of Recycling and Recovered Fiber at International Paper (IP), where she manages recycling sites across the U.S. and Mexico and the procurement of recycled fiber for IP's paper mill system. Prior to IP, Ms. Gregg served as a Recovered Fiber Sector Representative at the American Forest & Paper Association. Ms. Gregg has 18 years of packaging and recycling leadership experience with commercial brands, manufacturers, haulers, and consumers of recyclable materials.

Brian Hawkinson

Executive Director of Recovered Fiber, American Forest & Paper Association

Member of the Board since May 2020. Mr. Hawkinson is Executive Director of Recovered Fiber at the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA). Prior to joining AF&PA in 2010, Mr. Hawkinson served as Director of Management Consulting at the Public Affairs Council, where he provided strategic advice to improve efficiency, measure impact and adapt effective practices in corporate public affairs operations. Mr. Hawkinson also served as Director of National Corporate Relations at the United Way of America, the national association of local United Way organizations. Mr. Hawkinson has worked across the recycling industry to shape policy that affects all recyclable materials, most recently providing guidance in crafting the RECYCLE Act. He is a former adjunct faculty member of the Graduate School of Political Management at The George Washington University.

Bruce Karas

Vice President of Environment & Safety, Coca-Cola North America

Member of the Board since May 2020. Mr. Karas recently retired as the Vice President of Environment & Sustainability for Coca-Cola North America. With more than 25 years of experience as an Environment, Health and Safety professional, Mr. Karas led Coca-Cola North America’s environmental efforts focused on water stewardship, climate protection and energy efficiency, packaging and recycling, and sustainable agriculture. Mr. Karas’ team was also responsible for developing the strategy and plans to help Coca-Cola achieve its global goal to collect and recycle a bottle or aluminum can for every one sold globally by 2030. In addition, Mr. Karas’ team worked with NGO partners and local governments to improve access to recycling and bring innovative solutions to the marketplace and helping drive a circular economy.

Terese Kietzer

Senior Manager of Sustainability, Amazon.com

Member of the Board since August 2018. Ms. Kietzer is the Senior Manager of Sustainability at Amazon.com where she manages the Circular Economy and Customer Engagement on Amazon’s Worldwide Sustainability team. Utilizing Amazon’s scale, speed and innovation, her team focuses on key social and environmental initiatives across all of Amazon’s business areas globally. Areas of focus for her team are Circular Economy, covering landfill diversion and eWaste, stakeholder and employee engagement, and disclosure and sustainability strategy and measurement. Ms. Kietzer has over 15 years of experience at Amazon previously working in packaging, payments, digital products, and operations.

Monique Oxender

Chief Sustainability Officer, Keurig Dr Pepper

Vice Chairwoman

Member of the Board in 2018 and joined again in May 2020. As the Chief Sustainability Officer at Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP), Ms. Oxender leads the company’s efforts to make a positive impact in the places we work and live. She joined KDP in 2012 and has navigated a path for integrated sustainability management throughout the company. This journey travels directly through the intersection of world benefit and business value, informed by meaningful internal and external stakeholder engagement. Prior to joining KDP, Ms. Oxender designed and led a comprehensive sustainability program for Ford Motor Company’s $65 billion global supply chain across 60 countries. With a background in secondary education and sustainability, Ms. Oxender has an MBA and an MS from the University of Michigan.