Design for Circularity

Set your circular plastic packaging strategy and take action to meet your sustainable packaging targets.

The Recycling Partnership is paving the way for the future of circular packaging through solutions to help you assess and communicate the recyclability of your packaging. Our solutions bring the necessary clarity to successfully advance the circular economy for packaging. 

Pathway to Circularity Residential Recyclability Framework

The Framework, developed by the Circularity Council, defines five building blocks critical to progressing packaging for recyclability, including – design for recyclability, recyclability prevalence, access and adoption, capture journey, and packaging fate, along with key requirements within each building block. The Framework is an important tool in transforming the recycling system by aligning stakeholders behind the steps needed to evolve the packaging that is going into the system. 


Circularity Council

The Circularity Council is a group of industry leaders and experts from across different sectors, materials, and parts of the recycling system committed to understanding recyclability challenges, removing barriers, and catalyzing recycling system change.