Optimize Your Recycling Program with Data and Ready-to-Use Solutions

A new interactive resource for local recycling staff and program leaders

The Recycling Program Solutions Hub is a free resource for local recycling staff to access and use critical recycling program data to optimize their recycling programs. Created by The Recycling Partnership, with support from the Walmart Foundation and Milliken, the Hub is powered by the National Recycling  Database and centers around data, connectivity, and actionable suggestions. Users have a first-hand opportunity to co-create a stronger recycling system.

Key Features of the Hub


Leverage these key features when you sign up for your free Recycling Program Solutions Hub account:

  • Interactive U.S. map displaying local recycling access and infrastructure 
  • Environmental impacts of recycling at the local level  
  • On-demand videos for quick access to insights, best practices, and hot topics 
  • Easy access to The Recycling Partnership’s robust catalog of resources and best practices 

Control the Accuracy of Your Program Data for You and Your Residents

Powered by the National Recycling Database, community data in the Hub is also used for The Partnership’s Chatbot and Recycle Check. Ensuring the list of materials accepted in your program’s recycling stream feeds information to these programs, ensuring residents using these digital recycling solutions are receiving accurate, up-to-date information about packaging by zip code. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of the Hub?

The Hub allows community managers to control the accuracy of their program data.

It is built to be dynamic and requires local recycling staff who manage residential recycling programs to review and update information at least annually for accuracy.

Ensuring the list of materials accepted in a program’s recycling stream feeds information to The Partnership’s Chatbot and Recycle Check, resident and consumer-facing platforms that provide accurate, up-to-date information about packaging by zip code. When communities update and verify their profiles in the Hub, it also updates the National Recycling Database.  

The Hub also houses a library of the extensive resources, toolkits, best practices, assets, and case studies from The Recycling Partnership. 

Who should use the Recycling Program Solutions Hub?

The Hub is for local recycling staff (often government staff) in the U.S. who manage residential recycling programs. Anyone who engages with the recycling system is welcome to create an account in the Hub; however, only local staff can get verified access to edit and maintain data about their communities and programs. If you are a local government employee managing a residential recycling program, you can request access through the Hub.  

How do I get started in the Hub?

It’s easy. Simply create your free, secure account today here. And if you oversee programs for solid waste district or authority, request access through the Hub to verify your account and update your local data. 

Where does the community data come from?

The Recycling Partnership researched existing demographic data from the U.S. Census and recycling information from public facing websites across more than 9,000 community programs to gather local-level data. Learn more about the National Recycling Database.