Increase your Plastic IQ and take steps to decrease your environmental impact.

Plastic IQ translates cutting-edge research into personalized, data-based action plans and recognizes companies that set impactful targets to address plastic waste and realize their circularity and corporate sustainability goals.


Plastic IQ is a cutting-edge free digital resource to help U.S. companies develop an effective plastic packaging strategy, work together to compare strategies with industry best practices, and prioritize innovative solutions to advance circularity and corporate sustainability goals by 2030 or sooner. Created by The Recycling Partnership and SYSTEMIQ, with support from Walmart, Plastic IQ leverages industry guidance and data to help users turn their plastic packaging strategy into measurable actions to help tackle the plastic waste crisis.


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Plastic IQ is a forward-looking planning tool that helps U.S. companies visualize the critical information necessary to meet their corporate sustainability goals and accelerate their progress toward a circular economy. Plastic IQ enables users to analyze a full range of solutions, from reuse to redesign, to calculate how their company’s plastic packaging strategy impacts their costs as well as plastic and carbon impact.

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If you’re interested in adopting Plastic IQ and sharing with your networks, or for help with target submission or results interpretation, contact our team at info @ Any company making or selling plastic can be part of the movement to advance a circular economy by increasing their Plastic IQ and reducing plastic in the environment. The Recycling Partnership is here to help with valuable resources and initiatives such as Community Recycling Programs, Pathway to Circularity for packaging, and policy solutions.

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