How Do We Capture the 79% of Recyclables We Lose to Landfills?

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The Recycling Partnership's

State of Recycling: Present and Future of Residential Recycling in the U.S.

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  • Residential Recycling Rates
  • Material Loss
  • Access & Participation Levels
  • Targeted Investment Strategies
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Infographic showing 5 steps: packaging recyclability, recycling access, recycling engagement, processing & sortation and end markets

We Need to Address All Five Requirements of an Effective Residential Recycling System

Only 21% of recyclable material is captured and all materials are under-recycled. 76% of recyclables are lost at the household level, underscoring the importance of providing all households with recycling services and engaging people with good communication about how to recycle locally.

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Projected Impact of EPR in the Four States Where it Has Been Adopted

EPR drives improvement at every step
of the recycling system.

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Explore how data-driven, local solutions are key to overhauling the US system.

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