Just Announced: The Recycling Partnership’s Leadership Summit: 50 Cities Driving the Circular Economy

On June 24-26, 2019, The Recycling Partnership will host our inaugural Leadership Summit, inviting a select 50 cities and their sustainability representatives for a two-day summit in Chicago to drive recycling systems change across the country.

The all-expenses-paid, invitation-only meeting will feature results-driven ‘how-to’ workshops on implementing infrastructure, fighting contamination, and using effective, aligned recycling messaging to better engage residents to capture quality materials at the cart. Participants will leave equipped with a comprehensive set of ready-to-use tools and resources to drive recycling systems change in their communities.

Target’s recent $1 million contribution to The Recycling Partnership will help to fund the summit and post-workshop implementation grants for select attendees to transform recycling for good in their communities.

The Recycling Partnership selected invitees using population and recycling program data in an effort to bring together 50 of the largest communities with similar program attributes, geographically distributed across the United States. Whether seeking to improve cart-based curbside collection, clean up contamination, or engage residents on how to recycle better, all 50 communities will come together to learn and share their successes, challenges and innovations – with the goal of creating local sustainable recycling programs that drive national and global economic and environmental change.

For questions or more information, contact Conference and Workshop Manager Tricia Tiedt at conferences@recyclingpartnership.org.