Reduce Recycling Contamination in Your Community

Let’s set the scene: you recently attended a Partnership-led workshop on fighting contamination in your community. You walked away with a little inspiration and a lot of good ideas. Now, back at home, taking that first step seems pretty daunting…

Enter The Recycling Partnership post-workshop landing page. Here, you’ll find all the tools and resources we discussed in-person so you can create change at home. Start with the Contamination Kit – it includes all the documents you’ll need to stimulate conversation and walks you through how and when to use them. Then, check out the Campaign Builder to design your own campaign. Plus, we’ve thrown in some training videos for good measure.

Need another nudge in the right direction? Email for help from a human.

And, keep us posted on your program – we can’t wait to celebrate your success!

Download Our Anti-Contamination Kit

Increasing the quality of the recycling stream can save on disposal fees, improve resident satisfaction with your program, and ensures the success and sustainability of the recycling system.


Customize your recycling campaign.

Using our online campaign builder, you’ll be able to customize your recycling outreach materials with the items specific to your program.