Brittany LaValley, Interim Senior Director of System Optimization


With broad ranging professional experience and a lifelong passion for caring for the planet, Brittany tripped into and unexpectedly fell in love with recycling. While in a role broadly supporting sustainability programming, her interest was initially piqued when learning more about materials recovery facilities (MRFs) which ended up being the gateway to learning about the realities of recycling in the U.S. Her expanded knowledge and desire to contribute to solutions led to the pursuit of a full-time career in the space.  Brittany leads The Partnership’s Polypropylene Recycling Coalition that focuses on ensuring the long-term viability of PP as an accepted and recycled material.

Why I Care About Recycling and a Circular Economy
We simply cannot continue to place the strain that we have on the planet. Learning about the realities of recycling opened my eyes to what’s needed and the role I could play in supporting the shift to a circular economy.

Personal Passions and Interests
Brittany loves problem-solving and fixing things and can find ways to apply those interests in anything and everything she does. She lives in Burlington, VT with her husband and two kids.



Reach out to Brittany if you want to learn more about pursuing a career in recycling or about polypropylene recycling at