Trina Matta, Director of Policy Implementation

Trina has worked in recycling and sustainability for more than a decade in roles with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC), the recycling consultancy RRS, and the State of North Carolina. On behalf of SPC, Trina developed and led the program Applying Systems Thinking to Recycling (ASTRX), a joint effort with The Recycling Partnership to enhance recycling by strengthening each element of the materials supply chain. In her role as Director of Circular Ventures at The Partnership, Trina oversees projects to move the needle toward circularity for materials with challenging recycling profiles. Trina previously led The Partnership’s Film and Flexibles Coalition.

Why I Care about Recycling

“I want to do what I can to preserve our planet’s finite natural resources so that our children and future generations can enjoy healthy air and water and the beauty of our environment.”

Personal Passions and Interests

Trina spends her free time cooking and baking, costuming superheroes, and taking walks in the woods with her husband and two young sons near their home in Atlanta, Georgia.



Reach out to Trina if you want to brainstorm ways to recover hard-to-recycle materials at tmatta @