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The Recycling Partnership’s 5-Point Plan to Fix Recycling Highlighted on The Weather Channel

“Because we know that when we recycle, we are keeping waste out of the environment, and we are making our communities stronger.” – Sarah Dearman, Chief Innovation Officer at The Recycling Partnership

Our 5-Point Plan to build a better recycling system lays out a clear path for action. It’s imperative to make sure everyone can recycle, reduce recycling confusion, make packaging recyclable, implement good policy, and invest in the future. The Recycling Partnership has a suite of solutions to help increase education on what and how to recycle, improve packaging recyclability, and advocate for smart, well-designed policy that pays for the system the public needs.

A successful, easy-to-use, and fully modernized recycling system has the power to preserve natural resources, reduce waste, and enhance local economies. Companies, government, communities, and other recycling stakeholders from across the value chain need to come together to build this better system and advance a circular economy.

Help us turn this 5-Point Plan into reality.

Video Courtesy of The Weather Channel

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