The Circular Economy Accelerator convened leaders across the value chain to devise a policy solution to solve the challenges of the U.S. residential recycling system at scale.

“By taking a collaborative, multi-material approach, this proposal serves as an important reminder that it will take all stakeholders coming to the table to develop the right solutions to achieve a circular economy. Advancing efforts to upgrade the recycling system is a critical step in achieving our ambition to make 100% of our packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025. Together, we can create a recycling system that works for all.”

– Nicole Collier, Nestlé Corporate & Government Affairs



Our collaborative public-private policy solution includes:


  • A Packaging and Printed Paper Fee paid by private sector brands to support residential recycling infrastructure and education, and
  •  A Disposal Surcharge on waste generators to help defray recycling operational costs for communities.

The U.S. residential recycling system is in critical need of help.

Recycling faces a multi-billion-dollar funding gap in order for Americans to recycle as easily as they throw things away.

Our policy proposal provides solutions to:

  • Invest in Infrastructure
  • Develop Recycling Education Programs
  • Support Recycling Operations

“This proposal presents a major opportunity to address the recycling challenges facing America today. Importantly the proposal requires brands to partner with government to provide needed funds to invest in building a robust and resilient U.S. residential recycling system.”

– Tom Langan, Director, Corporate Affairs, Communications & Sustainability, Unilever


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