Our Core Values

Our core values explain not what we do, but why and how – they frame our culture.  We at The Partnership take our work seriously and we invite others to join us in embracing our core values!

Partnership is Part of Our Name for a Reason

Collaboration is key to everything we do. Working as a team and with our industry peers, we strive to build strong partnerships through honest relationships and communications. We’re supportive of each other and are viewed as an organization dedicated to bringing our funding partners, our community partners, our industry peers, and the public together. As we grow, communication and trust become increasingly important – especially as a remote team. It’s up to each of us to keep the communication and collaboration channels open.

Act with Intention and Integrity

We act with integrity and strive to do the right thing, putting people and planet first. We are honest in our behaviors, actions, and words. We recognize behaviors and words impact others. We actively focus on the development of our character.

Embrace Change and Drive Action

The Recycling Partnership is an action agent for thoughtful, positive change. We are a growing organization, dedicated to making change in the world. The Partnership staff comes to work every day ready to tackle the needs of the industry, no matter their role or current job description. Our organizational culture asks us to be recycling realists and optimistically look for opportunities to improve both the recycling system and The Partnership itself. We intentionally strive to embrace change and drive action and will go to great lengths to do what is right to improve the system. We are not afraid to try new things – but we are ready to fail fast and learn from our experiences. We are strategic in our decision making. We bring a can-do attitude to our projects and relationships and that positive attitude is contagious.

Have Fun!

The Recycling Partnership staff are known across the industry as collaborative players who bring not just smarts, but also fun to their work and engagements. We strive for best-in-class products and tools but also know that a smile and a collaborative personality can go a long way in building trust and relationships. Our culture is one that brings joy to one another, as well as our industry peers. We are always professional but that doesn’t mean we have to be stodgy.

Pursue Growth and Learning

Recycling Partnership staff are curious, dedicated professionals, always eager to pursue growth. We’re committed to continued learning. We support and encourage our staff to take time to pursue personal interests that make for a more well-rounded self. We understand that personal development drives professional growth.

Play Well with Others

Although we strive to be the very best organization possible and readily celebrate our wins, we also understand that we must be humble. We are confident, but never arrogant. We treat others with respect and understand that our character will speak for itself. We assume best intentions from everyone on staff. Our culture embraces respectful challenges and differing opinions.

Be Your Whole Self

Our culture is what makes The Recycling Partnership successful and, in our culture, we celebrate, respect and embrace our diversity and each person’s individuality. The Recycling Partnership staffers are genuine people who bring their individual talents, ideas, cultures, and histories to the table. Our passion for making positive change shines through our engagements with each other and our industry peers. We support each other’s differences and understand that we’re better because of them. We are intentional and confirm that we are inclusive of those from different backgrounds, races, color, ancestry, citizenship, national origin, religions, ages, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, socioeconomic status or ability in all aspects of our work, both internally and externally.

Take time to Reflect and Dream

We are creative problem solvers and we know that creativity takes time to cultivate. We intentionally build in pauses to reflect and dream is an essential step in preparing for growth and challenging us to think differently than the status quo. While our day-to-day work often demands a lengthy “to do” list, it’s essential for us to make time to pause and plan for continued creative problem solving.

Stand Up & Speak Out for Equity and Inclusion

Stand Up & Speak Out for Equity and Inclusion

We at The Recycling Partnership recognize, stand up, and speak out against racism and bigotry and for the equitable inclusion of all people. Our mission to advance a circular economy includes protecting the right for all people to pursue and engage in a healthier and more sustainable life. We will use our individual voices and collective efforts to create an avenue for change and promote equity.

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