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Americans Strongly Believe in Recycling

Congressional Webinar: Recycling 101 & Impacts of COVID-19

New survey data from The Recycling Partnership and SWNS confirms that 85% of Americans strongly believe in recycling. This is especially timely as we all navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on communities and recycling businesses across the country.

Recycling and reuse activities support 757,000 American jobs and generate billions of dollars in economic activity annually. Recycling also delivers critical feedstock to the U.S. manufacturing supply chain. Paper mills, plastics reclaimers, aluminum, and steel mills, and glass plants rely on the material delivered through the recycling system to make new goods and keep American jobs intact.

The Recycling Partnership is a national nonprofit that works with companies, communities, and policymakers to strengthen recycling across the United States. Our world needs solutions to repair the economy in a way that protects both the planet and its people. We work to create resilient, effective recycling programs that allow for more jobs, more valuable materials to be returned to our economy, and fewer environmental impacts.

Watch the Congressional Recycling 101 Webinar

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