Haley Lowry

Global Sustainability Director at Dow

Haley is a Global Sustainability Director at Dow with 18 years of experience creating new circular business models and products integrating social, environmental and commercial goals across CPG, retail, and plastics sectors.

As Dow’s spokesperson on circularity, waste, policy, and ecosystems with partners, NGOs and investors, she’s found the intersection of business and impact. Haley has held a variety of commercial roles in marketing, product management and sales in Dow’s Packaging Business.

During undergrad, Haley worked for Nike focusing on competitive analysis. Haley holds an MBA from University of Texas. Most recently, during COVID, she catalyzed a movement raising $80K supporting waste pickers, among the world’s most marginalized, but critical to delivering a circular economy.

She is passionate about using business to solve social and environmental challenges and has completed Oxford’s IMAGINE Ecosystem Program. She lives in Austin with her rescue dog, Brodie, and can be spotted escaping to the mountains every chance she gets.