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Case Study: East Lansing, MI

  • Project Type: Cart Rollout
  • Total HH Served: 7,200
  • Projected New Tons/Year: 609
  • Year: 2016

East Lansing, MI, a college town adjacent to Michigan’s state capital, partnered with The Recycling Partnership to put 7,000 carts on the ground in the fall of 2016.

As part of this project, East Lansing:

  • Rolled out carts to every household in the community
  • Expanded their list of acceptable materials, adding cardboard
  • Purchased a new hydraulic hybrid recycling truck – the first of its kind in Michigan

The Recycling Partnership granted East Lansing $125,000 for the rollout, which the City matched. The funds bought carts, technical assistance, and education and outreach materials. Notably, East Lansing further customized their educational campaign by conducting a photoshoot and showcasing their own residents and community leaders into the campaign materials.

East Lansing’s activation event, pictured above, drew community members and media to Ann Street Plaza to celebrate the city’s successful rollout and arrival of the hydraulic hybrid truck. Local, state, and Partnership officials spoke at the conference, where East Lansing Mayor Nathan Triplett announced that Amcor, a funding partner of The Recycling Partnership, had also donated pedestrian recycling receptacles for downtown East Lansing.