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Case Study: Outagamie County, WI

  • Project Type: Cart Rollout
  • Total Households Served: 6,900
  • Projected New Tons/Year: 427
  • Year: 2017

Outagamie County, WI, conducted an award-winning cart rollout that showcased how multiple communities can come together to leverage funds to achieve a programmatic change. Starting in August 2016, Outagamie County partnered with The Recycling Partnership to roll out carts to 13 of their 32 communities. (Eleven other communities in the county were already in single-stream carts.) A portion of the grant funding went toward education and outreach – announcing the new carts and teaching residents how to use them.

In addition to upgrading their infrastructure, Outagamie County also upgraded their recycling program, effectively doubling their acceptable materials list. When residents received their new cart, they could now recycle cartons and all plastic bottles and containers in addition to cans and paper.

In 2018, Outagamie County received two awards for the joint project: The Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin’s 2018 Outstanding Achievement in Recycling Education Award, and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Recycling Excellence Award for Projects and Initiatives.

Here at The Partnership we don’t usually quote ourselves, but Cody Marshall praises Outagamie County best: “Outagamie County is a shining example of how to not settle for status quo, and we’re exceedingly proud to partner with them. They are seizing opportunities to add depth and breadth, taking the changes two at a time…think of what our industry could accomplish if every program followed their lead.”

Wisconsin award