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Case Study: Santa Fe, NM

  • Project Type: Cart Rollout
  • Total Households Served: 34,000
  • Projected New Tons/Year: 2,684
  • Year: 2016

We partnered with the City of Santa Fe, NM, as they rolled out carts city-wide. Some of the highlights from this work, which took place from early 2016 through spring of 2017, were:

  • Rolling out carts to every household in the community
  • Establishing a weekly, automated recycling collection cycle
  • Adding a fleet of trucks to their arsenal for automated collection

In addition to infrastructure funds, The Partnership created a customized public education campaign to alert residents to the changes coming to their program.

“We appreciated the grant and technical assistance offered for the key factors in assuring a successful transition to recycling carts,” said Shirlene Sitton, Environmental Services Division Director for the City of Santa Fe. “Santa Fe residents received the benefits of increased convenience and larger capacity when changing from bins to recycling carts; this also allowed the City to utilize automated collection trucks to empty the carts, which greatly improved worker safety and collection efficiency.”