Announcing The Bridge to Circularity Report

It’s time to develop a circular economy for packaging in the U.S.

We’re launching several new initiatives to start building the Bridge to Circularity, including Recycling 2.0 – an opportunity for all stakeholders to collaborate to develop the recycling system of the future.


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“Tackling the global plastic waste and pollution crisis requires concerted action at a global and local level. We are delighted to see The Recycling Partnership translate the ambitious targets of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment into concrete and progressive actions to be taken in the United States, urging businesses and governments in the country to step up efforts towards transitioning to a circular economy for plastics.

Sander Defruyt, Lead of The New Plastics Economy Initiative, Ellen MacArthur Foundation


Join us in the effort to build the Bridge to Circularity and a new Recycling 2.0 system through funding or collaborating with us on other issues that go beyond recycling.

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