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Driving Packaging Strategies with Plastic IQ

As U.S. companies seek to reduce waste, meet sustainability goals, and stay competitive, many are committing to ambitious packaging strategies designed to end plastic waste. But not all companies have data-driven resources to define these strategies. Plastic IQ is a free, digital strategy-building tool that allows U.S. companies to discover ways to make their packaging more circular. In a time of immense change in the packaging space, planning tools are increasingly important to drive progress and help companies devise solutions.

Plastic IQ allows packaging professionals to upload baseline data about their packaging composition to assess their current packaging portfolio, model solutions, and build a customized strategy to achieve packaging goals by 2030 or earlier. Designed with input from over a dozen consumer brand and NGO advisers, the tool scores company strategies for effectiveness and provides a detailed summary of results for users. Plastic IQ’s powerful customization capabilities and action-oriented recommendations help companies develop an effective circularity strategy.

In its first year, more than 180 companies are leveraging Plastic IQ’s free Pro Version while the Lite Version has been utilized by hundreds of professionals, from packaging engineers to sustainability managers. In 2022, the tool will be expanded for global use and for multiyear tracking, enabling companies to gauge progress toward 2030 packaging targets.

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