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Drop-off Recycling Program Grant

Through The Recycling Partnership’s Residential Drop-Off Recycling Grant Program, communities are provided grant funding, technical assistance, as well as the design of education and outreach materials to help advance recycling and improve drop-off recycling access and capacity for U.S. residents. Communities considering any of the following system improvements are encouraged to apply:  

  1. Constructing new drop-off sites to expand recycling access.
  2. Infrastructure enhancements to connect to regional MRFs or transfer stations through hub-and-spoke model transportation.
  3. Converting existing drop-off sites from unstaffed to staffed sites.
  4. Implementing commingled compaction for collection efficiency.


Who is eligible to apply?

Local governments, solid waste authorities, or federally recognized tribes. Other organizations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

What requirements do communities have to meet?

  • Education and Outreach – At minimum, communities should establish a plan on how to inform residents of the drop-off site’s hours, location, and accepted recyclables. The Partnership can assist in the design of signage and brochures. 
  • Data – Reporting monthly solid waste and recycling tonnages for the year preceding and following cart distribution is required to assess program impact. 

Please refer to the RFP for full details on requirements. 

How much funding is available?

Drop-off site funding is tied to the community’s use of best practices and scope. The more recycling access you provide to residents, the higher tier of grant funding you unlock. There is no set limit to funding, and there is no minimum match. 

When do I need to apply?

RFPs are accepted year-round.

What happens after I apply?

The Recycling Partnership will evaluate the proposal and within roughly 90 days of receiving a complete application, The Partnership will notify the applicant of the grant decision. 

Ready to apply?

Click below to access the Drop-Off Recycling Grant RFP. The Partnership looks forward to hearing from you, receiving your application for grant funding, and working with you to grow residential recycling. 

Download the Recycling Grant RFP