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Film & Flexible Recycling Grants

The Recycling Partnership’s Film & Flexibles Recycling Coalition provides grants to materials recovery facilities (MRFs), reclaimers, recycling drop-off centers, and end-markets across the United States that sort, clean, sell, and/or reclaim film and flexibles derived from U.S. residential recycling programs. Film and flexibles packaging is used in food and non-food packaging and includes formats such as plastic carrier bags, shrink film, stretch film, and flexible pouches. 

The purpose of the grant program is to facilitate several distinct, yet interrelated improvements related to the circularity of film and flexible packaging in the United States: 

  • Increasing the capture of film and flexibles at MRFs, secondary sortation facilities, and/or film and flexibles reclaimers by improving process efficiency and reducing yield loss 
  • Increasing the number of local recycling programs accepting film and flexibles  
  • Optimizing the supply of film and flexibles and improving its quality by aligning with end market needs 
  • Educating the public on acceptable film and flexibles packaging recycling 

With these strategic investments, film and flexibles will be accepted in more communities, community members in these areas will be educated as to what is and isn’t accepted in recycling programs and the material will be sent to established end markets. This granting program focuses on equipment and process investments that contribute to these desired outcomes. 

Explore & Apply for Available Grants for Film & Flexible Recycling

For entities interested in applying for a film and flexibles recycling grant, please review theFilm & Flexibles Recycling Coalition’s Request for Proposals.  

Learn more: The Partnership’s Film & Flexible Recycling Coalition

To learn more about the Film & Flexibles Recycling Coalition, and how to get involved in supporting its goals, visit recyclingpartnership.org/film-and-flexibles/