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Free COVID-19 & Recycling Social Media Kit

Engage Your Residents to Recycle More, Better During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Last November, we launched Volume 3 of our Recycling Social Media Kit for Communities, just in time for America Recycles Week. Since then, Coronavirus (COVID-19) has reshaped the world in which we live. Fast forward to today.

Many of our behaviors have changed as communities continue to encourage residents to stay safe at home. For many recyclers, this may include recycling more in curbside bins and carts given the additional time at home. For others, it may include the potential introduction of uncommon contaminants (also better known as masks, gloves, and wipes) to the recycling stream.

Our dedicated COVID-19 Recycling Social Media Kit includes post and tweet copy in addition to images you can use on your community or organization’s social media platforms.

The kit’s content includes:

  • COVID-specific anti-contamination messaging, including proper disposal of masks, gloves, and wipes
  • No Contact recycling messaging
  • Recycling collector and sorter thank you messaging
  • Frequently consumed recyclable material during social distancing

These posts will help boost engagement with your residents across your social media platforms while ensuring your communities will #KnowWhatToThrow.


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